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Once again, here we are... (Tubby Blog Awards 2012)

Tubby Blog Awards 2012

Maaaan, feels like yesterday I was writing last year's Year In Review/Tubby Blog Awards. Time flies don't it? This year was a pretty good one as far as music was concerned. Tity Boi showed you that all it takes is a name change, Pusha T decided to do his dirt all by his lonely, and with the help of Mr.West, rejuvenated his career as well. 1 of my favorite artists from last year, The Weeknd finally got a deal, repackaged all the shit he put out previously (plus 3 songs) and along with Frank Ocean, that weird looking guy, Miguel and Ur-sher Raymond, kept R&B alive (along with several others, of course). This year also was a great year for the little guys as Curren$y, Action Bronson, Mac Miller, Odd Future and many many other independent artists flourished showing us all that... well, FUCK a major label, we don't necessarily need them in this digital day & age (prediction: you'll see this trend continue on into this next year & each year after that... trust me.) 

Locally (within Alaska at least), 2012 was not the best year (and possibly the worst) as we lost several major players in the 907 rap scene with the arrests of UNDB, Yae Neech, Starbuks (who was just recently released) and my own right hand man & good friend, LB. However, a LOT of great local music was released by several of our state's best: Skitzo Scoe, LB, Sky Division, UTN, Mannish Da Jula as well as a few others. 2012 will definitely go down as a year to remember for both positive & negative reasons... Let's start the lists shall we? We shall...

(note: The lists below are MY personal opinions and mine alone. Agree, disagree, personally I don't give a fuck. This is my blog & you're reading it so take it however you wanna take it, this is just the thoughts of 1 man.... 1 man whose opinion is WAY more important than yours, ha!)

2012: Best Songs
2. G.O.O.D Music "Mercy"
4. Pusha T "Exodus 23.1"
5. The Weeknd "Enemy"
6. Frank Ocean "Pyramids"
8. Kendrick Lamar "Sing About Me"
9. Rick Ross "So Sophisticated"
10. 2 Chainz feat. Drake "No Lie"

2012: Worst Songs
1. I'm Different - 2 Chainz (Only thing good to come out of that song is a Hellrazor TV/Youtube episode.)
2. Guap - Big Sean (The beat angers me. Plain & simple.)
3. That one song by that Macklemore guy that they always play in the club. I fuckin hate that song.
4. Ball - T.I feat. Lil Wayne (terrible terrible song. Possibly Clifford's worst.) 
5. Kobe - Chief Keef (Shit, any song by Chief Keef for that matter, other than "Love Sosa", that's my shit son!)

2012: Best Albums
2. Frank Ocean "Channel Orange" (besides the fact that some of the songs make me start picturing black on black homosexual love making, I thoroughly enjoyed Frank's debut album. I still like Nostalgia, Ultra more, though...)
3. GOOD Music "Cruel Summer"
4. Chris Brown "Fortune"
6. Nas "Life Is Good"

2012: Most Disappointing Albums
1. "Welcome To Our House" - Slaughterhouse (Didn't like it. Which sucks cuz I love the group. Typical case of great rappers not being able to pick dope beats and write catchy songs. "Hammer Dance" is my shit though!)
2. "God Forgives, I Don't" - Rick Ross (I like the album, but it was nothing compared to Teflon Don. Shit, it wasn't even as good as "Rich Forever".)
3. "Radioactive" - Yelawolf (I figured with Marshall's help, Mr.Wolf woulda brought us a banger. I was wrong. Name a hot track on that album, I'll wait.)

3. "Clique" - GOOD Music (Producer: Hit-Boy & Kanye West)
4. "Mercy" - GOOD Music (Producer: Kanye West, Mike Will, Lifted)
5. "Pyramids" - Frank Ocean (Producer: Frank Ocean)

2012: Best Verses
2. Jay-Z "Clique"
4. Pusha T "New God Flow" (Sorry, not sorry, Birdman)
5. OB O'Brien "Nowhere"
6. Rick Ross "So Sophisticated"
7. The Weeknd "Enemy (last verse)"

2012: Favorite Local Artists 
3. Sky Division
4. LB
5. Starbuks

2012: Favorite Local Songs (note: I am excluded from this list, otherwise I'd have like 4 out of 5! Ayyyye!) 
1. "Commin Up" - Skitzo Scoe
2. "She Can Get It" - Skitzo Scoe

2012: Best Mixtapes (there was so many to choose from... this is in no specific order)
1. TRU REALigion - 2 Chainz
2. DreamChasers 2 - Meek Mill
3. Rich Forever - Rick Ross
4. Soul Tape 2 - Fabolous
5. 1999 - Joey Badass
6. The Yellow Tape - Dom Kennedy
7. I Don't Like - Lil Reese
8. A Loose Quarter - Joe Budden
9. On The House - Slaughterhouse
10. Detroit - Big Sean

2012: Favorite Twitter Accounts
1. @elliottwilson (Founder, RapRadar.com, Hip Hop Blog's Jay-Z.)
2. @officiallyIce (Joe Budden's homie, funny rap nerd guy.)
3. @JuliaBeverly (Founder of Ozone Magazine. Funny white lady.)
4. @cthagod (Charlamagne Tha God, radio personality for Power 105.)
5. @jrockak (local)
6. @Michaela_Bay (local)
7. @ak_bmoney (local)
8. @TheRealZeng (local)
9. @QueenLBee (local)
10. @blissbitch (local)
(Note: follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/tubbyblog)

2012: Chicks i would've gladly knocked up and/or let piss directly onto my face!
2012: Local chicks that I'da totally gotten prego had I been given the chance (and would most likely immediately regret getting prego, afterwards. No disrespect ladies.)
1. Janie Ma (peep the ++ below this list)
2. this korean chick named Shannon (I don't know, been having "yellow fever" lately *shrug*)
5. Toya (you say no to black girl pussy, Tubby Blog cain't!)
(^^ "I love bad bitches, that's MY fuckin problem!" Of course, these are just simply 5 of like a bajillion girls I find extremely attractive and of course, I list those names in playful fun... And besides, as of, umm, the day before yesterday, I was officially taken off the market so... Only 1 of those broads has a realistic chance of having my baby in the near future. ++ #Taken)

And that my friends, is my 2012 Year In Review. It's been a crazy year not only in music but in my personal life, both positively & negatively. 2013 will be a year of expansion, growth and maybe even a lil bit of maturity (not a lot, but maybe just a tad.) on my part. As far as music, there's some great things that are "scheduled" (ya know how us rappers are with our broken promises) such as: A$AP Rocky's "LongLiveA$AP", Action Bronson's official debut album, a possible new Eminem album and there's even words on the blogosphere that production has already began for a "Watch The Throne 2". On the local end of things you can expect new music from myself, my new rap ally & bromantic partner Keezy of Sky Division, the Redd Dott camp, Starbuks "Whiskey, Weed & Women" and hopefully even another Skitzo Scoe project. There's even talks of an "On My Grizzly 2 Tour" this summer which I personally hope happens. 

May your new year be as wonderful, adventurous and successful as you desire. To my colleagues & adversaries: best of luck to you on your respective plans & dreams, 1 of mine is to outshine, overshadow and trump yours. May the best man win! See you in 12 months, bitches!


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