Friday, March 3, 2017

Still in love.

"Back in the day, it was just Redd and us in the Banks,
down in Anchorage, there was Out Da Cutt,
Joker The Bailbondsman, Josh Boots, Arctic Flow,
AKream, these are just a few names that you ought to know.
You ever felt the rush of entering a cipher?
I entered one at 16 and I knew I was a lifer.
Spittin with the homies,
gettin that reaction.
16 bars for anybody, be about that action.
Shout out to Obi,
shout out to Neil,
shout out to DJ Chris Roc, who pretty much gave me a deal.
Rappin on Pro Tools in 97',
the UAF radio station was like my heaven.
I never started rapping to be famous,
but I knew it would keep me from dying nameless,
and cuz my love was so deep,
others who loved it too, peeped it,
and now a couple people here know what my name is…"

- Love Song


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UPDATE: "The Chase"

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