Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Baked Alaska

Another T&F show for the books, baby!!! To say I'm appreciative would be an absolute understatement. To those who literally drove hours to the middle of Alaska, in the rain, to come support local hip hop, you forever have my utmost respect and gratitude. To all the artists who came out to spit their raps for the cause, I promise to always do everything in my power to make sure each and every one of you get the notoriety and shine you all absolutely deserve. Even after I'm done rapping (which is coming sooner than later), I intend to dedicate my life to this scene, we've all helped build. To my deejays, Gre, Polo and Bee One. I value you guys more than you know. Long live the DJ! To the T&F media staff (Matt Captures & Frozen Founders), thank you for helping me capture history! And to the wonderful folks at The Salmon Bake, thank you for the years of continued support. I'm already excited for next summer!

Until next time...

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