Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winners & Losers (2011 Tubby Blog Rap Awards)

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... A good year for R&B (Aubrey, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean) a somewhat bad year for (fat) rappers (Heavy D, Rick Ross, Erick Sermon) as well as funny comedians (Patrice O'Neal). Someone else besides Patrice & Heavy D died too right? Oh yeah, Waka Flocka's buddy, MC Dunkin Donuts or whatever (did he really get merked over some fuckin Jolly Ranchers, yo!?!)

Buuuuut, even with some tragedies & setbacks in 2011, the show continued to go on (as it always does and always will) and what's a show without the theme music? Music is the soundtrack to our lives and in 2011, this is what/who I was playing, and who/what I was hating. We're all entitled to an opinion, luckily, over here, mine's the only one that matters! Let's begin...

Favorite songs of the year
3. I'm On One - DJ Khaled feat. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne
4. Novacane/Love Crimes - Frank Ocean
(honorable mentions: "Time Machine" Big K.R.I.T, "High For This" The Weeknd, "She Dont Want A Man" Curren$y, "Fast Lane" Bad Meets Evil, "Lightwork" Lupe Fiasco)

2011 Favorite Artists
1. Drake
2. Jay-Z/Kanye (tie)
5. Rick Ross
(Honorable Mentions: Big K.R.I.T, J.Cole, Curren$y, The Game, Young Jeezy)

Favorite New Artists
1. The Weeknd
2. Frank Ocean
5. Kendrick Lamar
(Honorable Mentions: Meek Mill, Das Racist, Smoke DZA, Action Bronson, Rheteric Ramirez)

Favorite Albums/Mixtapes
1. Watch The Throne - Jay-Z/Kanye
4. Take Care - Drake

Favorite Local Songs (Not all local rap song sucks balls, there are a few worth a listen or two...)
4. Sexy Delicious - Marsh B.

2011 Favorite Local Artists (myself excluded, of course)
(*this is a list compiled of local artists who put in/put out work in 2011, not my overall favorites. I don't wanna hear no cryin, local rapper that's not doin shit....)

Worst Artists (Artists who I pray don't survive the following year)
5. Y.G

Worst songs (Joints that made me wanna purge, commit crime/and or suicide.)
1. Tony Montana - Future
2. Lotus Flower Bomb - Wale
3. The Motto - Drake featuring Lil Wayne and/or Tyga
4. Rack City - Tyga
5. Anything by LMFAO

Most Disappointing Albums
5. Hell: The Sequel - Bad Meets Evil (i'm not sayin it sucked, i'm just sayin, that after waiting over a decade, i was kinda let down. That's all i'm sayin.)

Best Instrumentals of 2011
1. N***as In Paris - Jay-Z & Kanye (produced by Hit Boy)

So, that's my list, hate it or love it, faggots. Hopefully 2012 will bring even more awesome (and less retarded skinny pant homo thug "swag" "based") music for us to listen to, dissect and debate about. Oh yeah, and rest in peace to the realest poet of our generation, dat n***a, Andy Rooney!

Tubby, out!

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