Friday, June 14, 2013

WDKY update

I haven't blogged in several days... sorry.

However I promise i'm being productive (even if slightly) and music's being made. As i type this, I'm sitting next to Raw while he mixes down the 1st & self titled track on What Doesn't Kill You... (possibly the hardest record, I've ever made. I'm puffin my chest out hella, bro!) and since I'm here right now, and haven't posted anything in over a week, I'll share some lil tidbits of info with you: 

- the album's most likely gonna be pushed back an extra month. We're gonna spend a lil more time on mixing these records as opposed to previous music I've made. I was so impressed on how "You & Me" sounded, post-production wise, that I've asked Raw to spend more time than usual on mixing the records adding effects and post production tools to enhance each song. Music nerd shit, I know, but in the end the songs will sound more fuller, dynamic and all around better. You may or may not notice, but most importantly, I will. So yeah, I'm thinking end of July. I'll release records up until then so it's not like I won't be putting anything out. You'll get it in time.

- "Slow Down" will drop Sunday. It's already mixed and on my soundcloud account (private). Sunday you will get to hear it. The most introspective record on WDKY...

- The next record after that will be "IDGAF" which completely contradicts "Slow Down". It's produced by Raw and kicks motherfucking asshole!

- A lot of the songs address my "accident" & how it affected me psychologically. A couple of them are "female friendly" (what i like to call my "cupcake records") as most of my previous bodies of work all include. I like making songs for bitches bro, so what?

- The song with Scoe is called "Go" and it was recorded the day before he got locked up with everybody else. Raw made a new beat for it (we lost the original) & it's possibly the illest beat Raw's ever made. I can't wait to leak that one!!! Scoe will be pumped.

Okay, i've shared too much. I'll share more when the record is complete and ready. Back to mixing down these songs... Sunday, "Slow Down". Ok, bye.

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