Sunday, July 21, 2013

"I'm back again, I'm still alive!"

"This one here's for ODC (Out Da Cutt).
Free Scoe, Bay, Neech, free LB,
I lost my crew, I lost my squad,
so much has changed since my last LP,
but I'm stronger now, I have to be.
Got haters wantin to kill me, comin after me.
I don't give a fuck, I keep pressin my luck,
none of my rivals outlasting me!
I'ma master see, 
you ain't strong as me,
you ain't smart as me,
you ain't as bad as me,
this is so much more than just rap to me,
disrespect me, and witness a tragedy!
In every game, there must be casualties,
with that said, fuck your faculty!
Doubt me? Pssh, the audacity!
I'm the king, bow down before your majesty!
No one here can stop me from,
my mission, competition, I see none.
On my grind,
one thing on my mind, 
continue to shine til my time is done.
Make them respect me,
pray that they feel me,
continue to give you the real me.
Just live that life,
and act like it's my last night,
even if it kills me, shit, I don't give a fuck!"

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