Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Untitled (Speechless)

At times, finding the right words can be difficult. For me, this was one of those times...

In rap, a lot of the times, the topic of love can be awkward or taboo. God forbid, we find love, whether romantic or just the love for someone you admire in whatever way, and glamorize it in our music the way we boast about fucking random girls, selling drugs, doing hoodrat stuff with our friends, which don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed all of the above and have made many songs about those specific topics, but to make rap music about not just being in love, but songs about admiration & love for another individual, that's not as easy... not as "cool". *shrug*

This is the greatest gift I've ever received in my life. The woman I consider to be the closest person to me in life, the woman who literally (physically) saved my life a year ago, the woman who knows me more than anyone, a woman who knows I don't like receiving presents (material objects purchased as a sign of affection) but value art, whether professional or unintentional, a woman who knows my love for songwriting, decided, for my birthday, she was going to give me something I would never expect but would greatly appreciate for the rest of my life... A song.

She was smart about it, too. She knows how I feel about rap (I'm a hip hop snob). I don't want to hear my girl (who isn't a rapper) spit bars. Sorry, that'd just be awkward. Instead of doing something she has no experience in, she reached out to two men who knew how to kick a rhyme or two, who happened to also be very close to me (Lamar/Fleetwood and Keezy) and with the coaching and sonic assistance by my longtime collaborator and mentor, Raw Beatzz, the end result is something so special to me, I will spend the rest of my life, enjoying. A gift that will truly keep on giving, as long as I don't lose my hearing, ha. I'm honored to share with you, my birthday gift from Janie Ma, Lamar Beckley (Fleetwood Malone), Keon McMillan (Keezy of The Sky Division) and Mr.Ashley Bell (Raw Beatzz)... This is "Til The End"

I'm truly blessed. Enjoy.

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