Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Among Friends

On February 6, 2016, I held a hip-hop event in my hometown of Fairbanks. It was the first event I'd thrown in a few years—I can't recall exactly how long it had been, but it was longer than it should have been. I decided to invite a bunch of local acts, people I had developed relationships with over the years, as well as local acts that I had become a fan of. I couldn't come up with anything super catchy, so I decided to just call it "Tubby & Friends." It was simple; it was clean. And I felt like the word "Friends" gave it a peaceful, comforting vibe, which the local rap community definitely needed.

Over the last several years the Alaska hip-hop community has truly blossomed. The amount of talent, ambition, vision and creativity has multiplied tenfold since 1998, back when I dove into this local rap scene head first, with no direction or idea of what the fuck I was doing. Not to mention, there was no one to really look at and study other than a couple of guys just getting their feet wet. It's been truly crazy for me—being in the position I'm in and being fortunate enough to watch this thing grow from it's infancy—to see how far we've come...



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