Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fashionably Late.... (as usual.)

I really have a bad problem with meeting deadlines, don't i? Ha.

2 days late, but here it is.
"A Night With The BoyZ" by Various Artists (Compilation)

I'm very proud of this project. I've never really put together a compilation for the simple fact that rappers are usually on some bullshit & for a bunch of people tryin to get their names/voices out there, rappers generally are terrible @ submitting music for other artists' projects but luckily, such wasn't the case for this. I thank all the artists who participated in this special project of mine: 

Skitzo Scoe (I miss you brother! Extremely...)
 LB (your loyalty is worth more to me than any amount of money, I will give my life standing beside you. Never forget that!) 
Alaska Redd & Rio The Renegade (I'm honored to consider you both not only worthy peers but personal friends. Thank you Redd Dott!)
 Starbuks (my other half, no homo. Ha! Deadly Alliance 2013, you ready Buks!?)
Ready Rocc (Your time is coming, bro! You are 1 of the most talented rappers I've ever met. I'm glad to have you back!)
Sky Division (I'm your biggest fan & strongest supporter. That will not change! Thank you gentlemen!) 
Mannish Da Jula (the first guy to submit music for this project, like the next day. You are a true professional. I respect you & value you much more than you know, I'm sure. Thank you homie!)
ADamn! (Possibly the only rapper in Alaska better lookin than me, ha. I hate you for it! Flip Flops is a smash bro! I'm so grateful for it! Thank you broski!)
Phonetic (Possibly the most dangerous MC in this state. I'ma supporter! Appreciate you, kind sir!)

And a special shout out goes to my good friend, producer and mentor, Ashley Bell (Raw Beatzz), I value you in my life to no end. I thank Korean Baby Jesus for bringing you into my life and helping me find myself, musically. Thank you Black Hercules... for everything. 

Okay, enough of the mushy mushy girly shit, here's the album! Download it, listen to it 20 times a day, (learn the gotdamn lyrics so i know it's real, ha!) and let me know what you think of it. More music to come sooner than later (New Tubby tape, like soon SOON!) 

Note: coincidentally I'm uploading this album, while hungover.... ha. I live this shit, shawty! PatronBoyZ!

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