Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Like we never left... (4 for 4)

4 for 4, baby!!

The fourth "Tubby & Friends" event, "Back At The Marlin" was a success, just like the last 3 shows. Great turnout, positive enery, and zero incidents. This "Tubby & Friends" idea had been floating inside this smoke filled cranium of mine for months, prior to the 1st event in February and to think it's September, we're 4 shows in and not a single negative critique that I can think of... I'm shocked and greatly appreciative. Thank you, once again, over and over again, to everyone who attended the Sept.3rd show and to all the artists and staff that help make these events as successful as it's been. I'm truly proud of where we're at & extremely fuckin excited to see where we go with it. Enjoy the video & pix below... Thanks again for listening, watching and supporting. Nothing but love.

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