Thursday, April 28, 2016

Good/Bad/First (Skeleton)

 (possible) Bad news first: "At This Point In Life..." may take a couple more days to mix, we're tweaking 1 final record that may take a lil more attention than expected (it happens from time to time) but there is still a possibility of me having it up for everyone by Sunday. I'm thinking realistically, though, tuesday or wednesday of next week. It's just a matter of a few days... you'll live.

Good news (depending on if you like it or not): Here's something I've never done before. I'm releasing a rough mixed demo record (I call them skeleton tracks) of a song that will be on the album. I love the song so much, and the fact the final version & the demo version are so different, yet I like them both, I figured fuck it.

Here is a demo version of a song on "At This Point In Life..." called "I Just Wanna (Interlude)". The final version features Darius Dossman. Enjoy.

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