Friday, April 15, 2016

Word to Andy Kaufman

Here's some new fire from yours truly and my rap pal, Tak Havoc. Back in December,
I invited several local rappers that I admired, to a 2 day recording session in Anchorage ("La Invitacion") and one of those gentlemen, was a young local by the name of Tak Havoc. I had heard his music (click here to listen to "Weird Valley") through my other local hip hop colleagues, Darius & Trinity Beats, and wanted him to come work on music with me. One of the songs he was working on at that time was a 32 bar verse over a beat by local producer, Johnny Kohler (note: Johnny is the producer I was rapping about on the "Hold You Down Freestyle") and I instantly knew I wanted to get on it. A few months went by and I finally got to laying down a verse and what has come out of that is "Tak & Tubby". This is the 2nd song off my upcoming EP, "At This Point In Life..." which I'm proud to announce will be dropping May 1st. 

S/o to Tak (you can follow him on twitter, HERE), Johnny Kohler (let's work, young Jedi. It's time.) and my good friend and co-executive producer of "At This Point In Life...", Darius Dossman. Expect more from myself & these individuals throughout the next several months. It's gonna be an exciting year indeed.


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